Game King Double Bonus Poker comes to Genting Casino

 photo Double Bonus Poker.png

Game King is the daddy of all video poker games and players can now enjoy the incredibly exciting Las Vegas-style video poker experience in the comfort of their home with the arrival of Game King Double Bonus Poker to Genting Casino.


Already brimming with a range of amazing poker games, Genting Casino is proud to welcome one of the world’s leading video poker titles. Renowned in casino halls across the world, the Game King brand is a symbol of gaming quality.


Playing Game King Double Bonus Poker online offers more chances to win bigger payouts. Double Bonus means exactly that: double the payoff for four-of-a-kind hands compared to Bonus Poker – especially when landing four aces!

For a £10 stake, Jacks or better, and two pairs pays money back. Three-of-a-kind wins £30, a straight wins £50, a flush £70, and a full house a nice £90.


But it’s the bigger hands where the winnings start to become life changing. With a £10 stake, a straight flush and four-of-a-kind 5s to kings wins £500, four-of-a-kind 2s,3s and 4s lands £800 and four-of-a-kind aces will see lucky players win a huge £1,600.


And at the top of the tree, for those lucky enough to land the pinnacle of poker hands, a royal flush will credit balances with an unbelievable £8,000 for a £10 stake. It’s payouts like these that make Game King Double Bonus Poker so popular!


The game is incredibly easy to play. Bets are placed and the first hand of cards are drawn. Five cards are then dealt face up, and players choose which cards to keep, and pick which ones to discard. Then more cards are dealt to replace the one’s which have been discarded.


For winners, the winning amount will flash up on the paytable and the account will be credited right away. For those who prefer a quicker game, there’s a turbo button that will see cards dealt at double the usual speed – giving more chances to win more often!


It’s hugely fun, the graphics are very detailed and players can enjoy up to five hands at once. It’s a thrilling casino experience at Genting Casino, where Game King Double Bonus Poker offers bigger and better bonus payouts than ever.


Celebrating more than 50 years, Genting Casino is a thriving part of the international Genting group of companies and has itself grown into a world-wide success, with interest all around the globe. The Genting Group is one of Malaysia’s largest and most respected corporations – a multi-award-winning company that yields a market capitalisation of more than US $33billion, 4,500 hectares of prime resort land and more than 35,000 employees across the world.
Contact:  Janie Rabet