Canvas Bay – making the most of photos with Personalized Canvas Prints

Digital images may be of the highest quality or ‘Megapixel’, but they still do not have an effect as strong as printed ones. Canvas Bay is bringing the same joy back, with their photo into canvas service.

Gone are the days when printing photos meant going to a studio and ordering for them. Now, with a host of online services, getting photos printed requires nothing more than digitally sending them to the service. With just that, one can order any type of prints. However, Canvas Bay is helping people achieve that in a unique way.

Keeping those special moments captured in a smartphone or digital camera is not always the best thing- and this is where Canvas Bay comes in. Canvas Bay is a UK-based service that provides its customers with high quality canvas prints of their special moments. Canvas Bay helps people to get photo to canvas print in a quality and design that is yet unmatched.

One of the USPs that Canvas Bay comes with is the design of its canvasses. Every canvas that they manufacture is 100% handmade, which further adds to the appeal of every finished product. They make frames with colid pine wood, which is amongst the best quality of wood available. Further, these are not delicate wooden frames- but are made to last and retain their appearance.

Canvas frames as produced by Canvas Bay are ready to be used as home décor items. Photographers or retailers can use these for displaying to their customers. Along with that, there are a number of other needs that canvas frames can fulfill, and Canvas Bay is helping in that.

The process of getting photos into canvas is simple. First, the customer has to ensure that the image file is in either PNG, JPG or TIF Format. For best results, it is recommended that the file be with 300DPI and an sRGB profile. The image should be 0.3 Mp at least. This will also decide the maximum printed size possible, for the larger the Megapixels are, the bigger the printed image can be.

Ensuring that the image meets the requirements, the customer has to just upload the image on the Canvas Bay website. Once that is done, the quality meter tells whether the image is up to the mark or not. After that, only the type of canvas, design, size and other such parameters have to be selected. With just this much, any type of canvas prints can be ordered in just a few clicks.

The canvas used by Canvas Bay are made of 100% cotton, with a 350GSM thickness. No fiber alternatives are used, which makes their products comparatively better. With a guarantee of quality, there is little left to doubt. Customers have a high degree of customization, and they can get the print exactly as per their preferences.

Thus, all these things come together to product amazing photo canvas prints. It will be interesting to see how Canvas Bay helps people take memories from their smartphone screens and bring them to life.

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