Greenhouse Superfoods brings bonus size of Ceremonial Matcha with extra 17 per cent

Great news for all the Matcha lovers, Greenhouse Superfoods’ Ceremonial Matcha (1st Harvest Japanese) Ultra Premium, USDA & JONA Certified Organic is now available at Amazon with 17 per cent extra content.

Greenhouse Superfoods was founded with a sole purpose of creating a positive impact on as many individuals as possible. Michael Carels, who is known as the man who beat cancer, is on a mission to build a cancer free world. After having been cured, he was resolute to find a way to make a larger impact and promote health across the world.

Reaching endlessly for months, Michael discovered that Matcha had many health benefits than meets the eye, and that more people ought to know it. After going through a very long and vigilant research procedure, Michael found an Organic Ceremonial Matcha that tastes better than anything he had ever tried before.  And he was absolutely right. As the time progressed, Michael’s vision led to the formulation of Greenhouse Superfoods’ first Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea.

Known for cultivating, harvesting, and producing the finest Matcha, Greenhouse aims to meet the standard of your taste buds. The tea is grown at a small family owned farm in Japan. Their accomplished tea factories produce a delicately minced, silky smooth powdered tea, which is high in essential nutrients. Another specialty of this product is it being Non GMO, heavy metal tested and pesticide free, and giving you the desired taste. Not only have they passed all radiation reports but have the highest health standards also.

Manufactured by the process of 200 year old tradition, this ceremonial tea tastes appetizing. The manufacturing process is one of its kinds. It involves drying of tea to an ideal temperature whilst the nutrients are preserved. This formulates a rich, profound taste.  The company promises to proffer you an unprecedented and smoother flavor with every sip. No sullenness, grassy flavors just your favorite cup of tea.

Not only does the company consider your health as their priority but has taken the liability to give something back to the community. 5 per cent of your purchase will be donated to cancer cure research. Greenhouse Superfoods are determined to provide substantial support to those organizations that will have the furthermost impact in cancer cure research, preclusion, diagnosis and treatment.

The company has clearly defined its priorities, and it’s their customers. In addition to providing ergonomic product, they claim to proffer a 120 per cent hassle free lifetime refund. If for any reason you are unhappy with their product, all you’ve to do is simply return the package get the refund (120 per cent of it). Also, letting the customers know their value for them and their mission to help people accomplish better and healthy living, the customers are allowed to keep all the Matcha guides, recipe books, and member bonuses.

In case the question, “why Matcha tea” crossed your mind, here’s a simple answer to that. Studies have proven that Matcha tea provides 137 times more antioxidants than most brands, period. This results into an uninterrupted and continuous supply of energy during the entire day. Not only is Matcha tea both stimulant and relaxant but has no side effects like jitters and stomach disruptions.

So, treat your taste buds with healthy Matcha tea by Greenhouse Superfoods for they make Matcha unlike anything you’ve tasted before. The ingredients are optimally combined with their exclusive tea manufacturing procedure.

Join them in their quest of making this world healthier, be the part of the change.