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To be honest, you don’t actually need to wearing one of these outfits to receive most of the benefits. Simply having enough outfit pieces on your account is all that matters. Mix and match outfit pieces to pick the look you want and still get the benefits you have unlocked. The only exception to this is to get the “High-tier” Dungeoneering reward shop discounts. As this is outside of Daemonheim, you will need to be wearing one of the outfits when you approach the store.

You can set up your default Dungeoneering outfit appearance via a right-click option on each individual piece. Meanwhile, you are able to talk with Dungeoneering tutor about this. This allows you to customize how you will look when you enter a dungeon or sinkhole, giving you the option to mix up all 4 outfits into the ultimate look. One point to be noted – this will not change your qualification for either low or high-tier benefits as these are solely tied to having the necessary pieces on your rs account.

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