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Piling is one of the most important methods of giving any structure the necessary support or foundation. No matter how large, small, low or high a structure is, it needs a proper anchoring support at the base.

Construction piling is a highly critical procedure in providing strength to the foundation of a building so that it doesn’t collapse, but it should be carried out in such a way that it doesn’t hamper the environment. Therefore, one must select the services of piling contractors who are not only the best suited for them, but who will also use an eco-friendly technique for setting the foundations.

When it comes to eco-friendly piling contractors, Pile Tech is one of the most trusted names among piling and groundworks specialists in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and other regions of UK. Founded by John and Joe Lean who have more than 18 years’ experience in the groundwork and piling industry, this eco-friendly company has a lot of experience and practical on-field knowledge. Pile Tech offers a broad range of foundation building services that are as eco-friendly as possible. They also specialise in all forms of commercial circumstances and underpinning projects.

Piling foundation is dependent on several different factors like size, height and length of the building, as well as the condition of the soil. Drilled piles and driven piles are two such options to carry out a successful piling process but they also create a lot of vibration and noise pollution. That’s why it is imperative to hire qualified piling specialists like Pile Tech to perform this crucial work.  Laying a good foundation for a structure can be an extremely delicate task as holes are drilled in the earth to make the base of the foundation. This process can also hamper the environment if not monitored correctly, John and Joe at Pile Tech only use techniques and methods of piling which are not only eco-friendly, but also very safe and profitable.

About the Author: 

This article has been written by Mr. Joe Lean who is a Director of Pile Tech. Pile Tech is a Sussex based company offering sub-structural piling, underpinning and groundwork systems in the South East for Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London. The company offers cost effective and tailor made solutions in accordance with each client property’s individual circumstances along with an in-house design team to offer assistance as and when necessary.