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London, UK:

When it comes to high quality Hardware furnitures and fittings, leave it in the hands of the worldwide leaders that are into furniture hardware, door hardware and kitchen cabinet hardware. They have more than 20 years experience in the Furniture Hardware industry all through, their founder and CEO Jose Duque, the unification of all his life experiences ended up in the creation of IBMH CORPORATION, LTD.

They have done all the dirty work of being the reliable source, and to this day they supply greatly to customers. This continuous provision is essential to always find the best purchasing price.

Ibmh corp provides an attractive prices for their Furniture Hardware and fittings and as well as their specialists, who has launched their Hardware and Fittings complete with product descriptions, specifications and prices upon request. Their wide range of Furniture Hardware and Fittings and accessories are available on their website. Interested buyers can use the company’s website  in searching for suitable FURNITURE HARDWARE, CABINET HARDWARE, DOOR HARDWARE and FURNITURE FITTINGS which has been coordinated directly onto the website. These Hardware furniture’s are furnished with product information, required specifications and prices upon request.

What makes them stand out from the Hardware Furnitures and Furniture Fittings companies, is all the thorough quality controls they perform in every single order. They go personally to the factories to make sure their high quality standards are met. You will be part of the all production process with live videos and pictures.

For a more friendly approach they like to have weekly conferences with their customers, they feel a trust bound is needed in any business relationship. They will keep you updated of all your orders in process when you request for it and will also recommend you any special kind of furniture materials. To make you gain great experience, make you more happier when working with them, are their main priorities, if you grow they grow. At the end of the day, they want you to experience greatness working with them with their company in China.

Their wide range of services include exhaustive quality and logistic china furniture Hardware, china Cabinet Hardware, anything relating to china Door Hardware and china Furniture Fittings.

But most importantly they offer a unique service through their company, a system that allows them to provide their customers up to 50% saving on working hours, and increase of satisfaction, offering faster response times and a perfect real-time activities.

If you are new to this, their team will be at your full disposal for any enquiry. You will find all their commercial team is fluent in English. They are extremely professional in every aspect of their work, they want and need all their customers to be 100% satisfied with their services.

Lots of Customers all over the world are now enjoying and benefiting from collaborating with them. Do not be the last to join! So why hesitate, great experience awaits you!

For more information please visit their global website.


Contact Person’s Name: Jose Duque 

Person’s Company Title: CEO in IBMHCORP

Company E-mail Address:;

Phone Number: +8602037260475



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