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The first update this month, there is a convenient method of cheap rs gold new technology to help you place huge demand for Mah children, and began to itch scratching legend.Made a landmark breakthrough in the senntisten mining site. Zaros on the throne room has been found, it’s all hands on deck to find long lost secrets of gielinor biggest empire.

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Earn up to 800000 of XP in each mining, agile and divination – gradually, a little similar to Nexus – let you in the 65-75 hump and help your God complete the fate of the new task before playing.You will also find that the delicious Nuggets legends live in the zarosian Empire – surely will be of interest to the “historical enthusiast”.This new skill requires 65 points in the excavation of at least one, agile or divination, and is the perfect prelude to the main event of the month.

Hunter PVP Bounty

Yeah, it’s finally coming. The Ninja is the end game of bounty hunters, and will arrive in November 14th. Take a look at our YouTube channel from PI Mod and Chaose MOD video preview.

In other news

Fire has been burning to celebrate in the Lumbridge pit, to provide a fire, call and construction of training, some of the hot cosmetics and easy to fire enthusiasts. Regularly come back, at the end of the event to pay attention to a big surprise.Popular imitation of Buy Runescape Gold the owner’s return this month, but also with another chance to win the tongue, plus a new imitation of the puppy!You will see a very quiet seasinger installed in Solomon’s store, which will have a lot of black Friday trading at the end of the month.

The Empty Throne Room | Pre-Release Skilling

For the first update of the month, there’s a handy new skilling method in place to help you get a leg up on Children of Mah’s hefty requirements, and to start scratching that lore itch.A landmark breakthrough has been made at the Senntisten Dig Site. The throne room of Zaros has been found, and it’s all hands on deck to uncover long-lost secrets about the greatest empire Gielinor has ever seen.Earn up to 800,000 XP in each of Mining, Agility and Divination – gradually, kind of like in the Nexus – to get you over that 65-75 hump and help you complete Fate of the Gods before the new quest hits.You’ll also unearth tasty nuggets of lore about life in the Zarosian Empire – sure to be of interest to RuneScape history buffs.This new skilling spot requires 65 in at least one of Mining, Agility or Divination to participate, and is the perfect prelude to the month’s main event.

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