Fundamentals of Double Sided Tapes

Generating your own cards and boxes is actually a actual pleasure even so when you first start in the event the appropriate adhesion will not be utilised it may spoil the finished solution. This article offers a basic guide to double-sided tapes.  Get more information about carpet tape

The improvement of double-sided adhesive tapes has opened up various strategies to stick paper and card. You will discover countless adhesive tapes in the marketplace it truly is tricky know which is the most beneficial one particular to utilize. Even though it really is private preference what to use when making use of tapes to produce handmade cards you will discover some tapes which are not suitable for diverse mediums.

Beneath will be the principal double-sided self adhesive tapes out there. There are new tapes being brought towards the market place all of the time.


1 Double-sided tape.

2 Super sticky red liner tape

3 Tape pen


This tape is actually a ought to in the crafters tool box. It could be employed for attaching card to card or paper to card. The disadvantage of using tape is after it can be down it is stuck. To help to give some movement use a glue stick to run along the tape just before placing it to card.


A tape that lives up to the name because the title states it is actually red and cannot be mistaken. This may grab the card as soon as it touches the card. It can be best utilised for heavier duty card or box generating. This wouldn’t be acceptable for paper to card. Red liner tape is best for gilding flakes and glitter. Reduce a strip location on your card and embellish with it offers just a little bit of interest for the card without having obtaining to commit money on mirror card.


These are a staple for the tool box. You will find 3 forms of pen in the marketplace, a standard double-sided tape, a super sticky tape and one particular that will be repositioned. Perfect for attaching paper to paper or paper to card. Some tape pens are also refillable. The pens will dispense the tape continuously since it is pulled along the item.

These tapes are fantastic for attaching flat to a base card or matting and layering. An additional essential a part of making a card is giving it some dimension to lift the key image.


These are in numerous depths and widths inside the primary they’re utilized to lift the topper but could be utilized to lift a matt. The key depths used are 1 mm, 2mm and 3mm and it is actually reduce to the length necessary. They’re foam and are double-sided, when placing these around the card use glue stick on them so there is movement to allow positioning. Employing foam tape enables a card maker to opt for the size and shape they need to use. Foam tapes and pads are excellent for making use of with 3D Decoupage.

This really is just a taste from the tapes which are out there on the market. You will discover also wet glues offered which do exactly the same job. It’s all about individual preference of what a card maker is comfy with.

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