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Last week Jagex made a change to the Heavy Ballista to lessen its strength. Since this change had the desired effect at lower combat levels, the weapon is no longer useful for higher level player. In order to buy runescape 2007 gold and improve the value of the Heavy Ballista for higher level players, Jagex would like to change Heavy Ballista as well as Light Ballista to help bring more balance overall.

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The Ranged attack of the Light Ballista will be increased to +110

In order to improve the Light Ballista, Jagex will improve its stats to match that of the Heavy Ballista as it currently exists in game. In other words, the Ranged attack of the weapon will be increased to +110.

The Ranged level required to equip the weapon would also be increased to 65 and it would be able to use all types of javelin with the weapon

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