Web retailer Tables N Chairs offers new National Public Seating “Cafe Time” table and chair sets

Tables N Chairs, a distributor of office furniture and other business needs active since 2001, was one of the first in the industry to sell the newest National Public Seating series, “Cafe Time,” early this year.

Tables N Chairs owner Denis O’Donnell has long made it his mission to provide excellent, “old-fashioned” customer service combined with the latest products. This was one of the driving forces behind his decision to stock the Cafe Time series as soon as it debuted in January 2016, and he believes the decision has been a success.

He also believes maintaining good relationships with the various manufacturers in the industry is good business, and helps him get the best prices for his customers. He has long stood behind National Public Seating’s products, along with a handful of other manufacturers he and his team have personally vetted.

O’Donnell’s personal investment in everything the company does is what he believes has led to Tables N Chairs’ success over the years, and he hopes that continuing to offer the latest products from the manufacturers he believes in will continue to pay off. He is excited for everything he has to offer in 2017 and beyond, especially as he expands his business to serve private individuals as well as businesses and organizations.

About Tables N Chairs
Tables N Chairs is a distributor of business furniture that has served business, industry, and religious groups since 2001 and has recently expanded its mission to also sell to the general public. The company is owned and run by Denis O’Donnell and his wife Sandy. They are not a stocking retailer, but a distributor dedicated to getting products directly from manufacturers to consumers. They may be contacted for more information by one of these methods:

Phone / Fax: (888) 524-2582 — Email: contact@tablesnchairs.com — Web: www.tablesnchairs.com

They are open from 9am-4pm (in the central time zone), Monday through Friday, and may be contacted by phone during these hours. For any queries outside of these hours, please leave a voicemail, send an email, or contact the company using the form on its website.

Denis O’Donnell
Tables N Chairs
Phone: (888) 524-2582
Fax: (888) 524-2582
Email: contact@tablesnchairs.com
Web: www.tablesnchairs.com

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