Thompson’s Airwheel M3 intelligent Electric Drift skateboard Makes Him Always Full of Energy and Passion

Usually, the expensive cars may highlight CEO’s noble status. However, there is such a young CEO Thompson who gets off the beaten track. Thompson runs an IT company. He could absolutely represent the passionate young generation with strong sense of social responsibility. They are creative and liable to accept new innovative things. As a typical young elite, he advocates a green and healthy lifestyle. The sedans with large displacement and high emission do not conform to his concept of energy conservation and emission reduction. He would not drive unless on very formal occasions or on business trips. Thompson lives only 30 minutes’ walking distance from his company. Therefore, he used to Airwheel M3 air board to work.

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Why could the Airwheel M3 attract such a young elite? How comes it’s different from an ordinary skateboard? It’s time to unveil the product. M3 electric air board is powered by lithium battery. It is inserted with two intelligent chips which work alongside with a remote control to realize infinitely variable speeds. Unlike intelligent unicycle which requires rider’s body movement to get moving, M3 is controlled by the remote control to go back and forth. Therefore, it is much easier to operate than the electric unicycles.

In all modesty, riders of M3 electric skateboard could achieve the same feelings of surfing on land. M3 has a modular design. Even when one module breaks down, the whole system still works efficiently. This is the most creative feature of M3 electric skateboards . The maximum speed of M3 could reach 20 km/h, a safe speed in city. More importantly, Airwheel design team has simplified the process and made it very easy to modify. Thompson can modify the panels, the wheels. Thompson can modify the battery. So it’s just very unique and personalized board.

For short distance commuters like Thompson, M3 wireless remote control skateboard is a perfect company. No wonder it has received such a success.

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Company Name: Airwheel Holding Limited
Contact Person: Eric
Country: Los Angeles, CA, USA

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