Tomas Are those mini-icons next towards the bosses names custom?

Tomas Are those mini-icons next towards the bosses names custom? If not, where can I have them? If they’re custom, can you mind if I rely on them in my very own event timer?I find a website rs2joy they selling OSRS Gold and it is cheap than others.check this out! I am likely to release this basic timer soon and slowly update it with increased futures.Hope to obtain an answer soon.Kind Regards,Tomas noobie question, do u possess a temple timer? someone said u did however i can t think it is.Temple timers are random now and never based on the timer so there isn t one Can only copy waypoint text when a celebration is one from the big-text active ones.

Copy the small text in a celebration that is hours away, to discover where it s going to become (needed to resort to searching for wiki for events that I hadn t done yet but wanted to become ready for).Not sure if this really is known intended, but could be awesome if I could copy the small text, too.Thanks for that awesome tool, nonetheless! Doesn t work around the smaller text is exactly what I m saying.ctrl+c or right-click+copy are generally copying nothing towards the clipboard, despite the fact that it appears like they would.

May be the legendary sand giant a global boss now (includes a bonus chest)? if that’s the case, is he going to be added? Not sure whether it s a global boss, because it doesn t provide the biss ass chest and never even sure when the reward is daily.this must be implemented being an overlay using the check list.rather than striking it it removes it in the list to pay off clutter around the screen as well as for waypoints increase clipboard on the minimum the copy to clipboard feature could be added for your site when clicking the waypoints.

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