Second nature of the floor section approaching

Recently, from the Fujian Provincial Cross-strait Workers Innovation Exhibition Organizing Committee was informed that in 2006, the fourth session of the China Fujian Project Fair, Youxi County environmental multi-modular bamboo flooring products, access to the cross-strait workers innovation Achievement Exhibition of the Gold Award, has been commended and rewarded.park bench

On the occasion of the second nature of the floor section approaching, in order to repay the vast number of consumers natural floor distributor Hebei again invited the President of the floor in person to sign the nature of Tangshan board. Where to buy the floor 30 square meters above the floor may be scratch cards, special award to the Yellow River basin can be personally for the mother river tree planting and tourism public service awards, other awards may be 1,000 yuan, 500 yuan return money.park flooring

There are many such as high-end travel bag, natural floor dedicated to the feet and other gifts you get. Can be described as brilliant, affordable plus! The biggest highlight of the event is: during the festival, the same period organized by the “city of thousands of shops thousands of miles to find the next lucky” as the theme of “I planted trees for the Yellow River” large-scale public campaign activities II. The public welfare activities in the first phase of a breakthrough, the community has been widely praised, in order to allow more enthusiastic to protect the mother river who can personally planted a tree for the Yellow River, the company launched the second series of activities .outdoor flooring

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