Festival Of The Imagination: Termina Ashton’s New Book Challenges Readers To Unleash Their Inner Potential

What would life be without imagination? While the answer to this question seems to be obvious – a life without art, creation, achievements, success – it is, in fact, a sad occurrence that most people who walk this earth never make use of this endless source of power hidden within.

Mrs Termina Ashton, a prolific author, has poured her creative energies into penning Festival of the Imagination: You! Are the Creator, her brand new book on how one can awaken the sleeping giant lying dormant within their soul – their imagination.

While unique in every case, the process of activating one’s imagination can be followed by anyone, and its results will stun even the most sceptic. Ms. Ashton urges readers to discover their unique energy signature and allow it to radiate.

Embracing the possibilities that abound before them, readers will be on track to make their goals a reality, through remaining attuned to the immense abilities they have unlocked by trusting the power of introspection, their newfound ability to think clearly, as well as the courage to break free from patterns that have trapped their minds and hearts and kept them from guiding their souls to what they truly crave.

The book is a message to everyone to take action; never settle, nor passively await for things to come on their own. Ms. Ashton’s book will resonate with anyone who wants to make the most out of their time on earth.

Festival of the Imagination: You! Are the Creator is currently available on Amazon.


To learn more about Ms. Termina Ashton, please visit: http://www.terminaashton.com/

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