Star Tech Auto Repair launches revamped website, aims to clear up smog law

Santa Barbara, Calif., Nov. 6, 2016 — Star Tech Auto Repair, a local smog check and auto body shop, has recently revamped its website. In addition to serving as a point of contact with customers, the team at Star Tech hopes the new site will clear up confusion about the rules and regulations surrounding smog inspections.

Having been in business since 2009, Star Tech Auto Repair’s mechanics have seen customers with a wide array of questions regarding smog tests. This inspired them to include a helpful, regularly updated blog on their website that aims to answer typical questions Californians have about smog check requirements.

Although there are plenty of other smog shops out there, Star Tech’s team believes their auto shop is the only one reaching out to help customers this way — and they hope that will help them expand their customer base.

Star Tech Auto Repair has enjoyed a good deal of success here in Santa Barbara, but wants to grow even further and serve more customers in the area.

They want the knowledge they provide through their site’s blog to be objective and factual, but still believe that giving just the objective facts will steer customers their way. One example a representative of the team gave was an upcoming blog post explaining the STAR certification program — a relatively new one rolled out by the California DMV in 2013 that has really changed the game for smog shops in Santa Barbara and the rest of the state.

Star Tech Auto Repair is one of the shops with the new STAR certification, which means they can inspect cars and other vehicles that may have trouble passing their smog checks — vehicles the government doesn’t trust just any shop to handle.

The STAR certification involves working closely with the California Bureau of Automobile Repair, and being able to help customers explore their options in regard to a car with problematic smog check results. The crew at Star Tech Auto Repair says that their mission is to help every customer pass smog completely and legally, by offering all the necessary repairs and tips many consumers will need to pass the smog test.

About Star Tech Auto Repair

Star Tech Auto Repair was founded in 2009 as a smog check, auto body, and general auto repair shop, and has received California’s STAR smog check certification since 2013.

Interested parties may contact Star Tech Auto Repair directly with the information provided below.

Phone: (805) 687-6500 – Email: – Web:

Star Tech Auto Repair
490 E Cota St
Santa Barbara, Calif. 93101
Phone: (805) 687-6500

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