Time to choose alternative Careers – Why to waste 4-7 years in degree?


        In Indian families when a child is born, usually the parents of infant start guessing about his career. It is uttered as “Bada hoke kya Banega Beta?” assuming Degrees they say it as “Doctor Banega ki Engineer Banega?”

Degree Courses in our families are considered to be genuine education and high learning programs. Since before birth of a child parents start investing the money for kid’s education till their graduation or Post graduation.

When we have an easy choice available, why do we waste time in degree courses wasting 4-7 years?

As Diploma courses came into existence, paths for so many people like got opened bringing various career opportunities just in short span of time as compared to the degree ones.

Degree Course means the Certification awarded at university level which takes 3 – 7 years to complete. Diploma is certified course by the Institution or college itself testifying that recipient has completed the course. Duration of Diploma is generally shorter than degree. Such as Degree Course in Interior Designing may take 3-4 years to complete while the same in Diploma will be available in one and two years . Many Diploma courses take time of just few months.

There are so many career options where Diploma courses with short Duration are available. Nobody needs to follow parrot – fashion anymore.

From cooking to yoga, jewelry designing to travel & tourism, anyone can follow his/her passion freely without any time boundation. Such courses have opened doors for the ones who dropped from education after higher secondary and got into something else because of longer duration of studies.

        Find your kind of course and get a Diploma either to follow your heart, Build a career in it or just to get certified.

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