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New Car Canada now offers refinancing option for individuals who want to get out of their current car loan.

Surrey, British Columbia – November 18, 2016. Car buyers who want to opt out of their car loan now have a chance at redemption. Canadian car buyers can now refinance their current auto loan with New Car Canada’s cheap auto loans. This company is the fastest online car loans processing in Canada and offer extremely low interest rate offers even to those who have bad credit. Moreover, they have a wide array of vehicle options and are partners with excellent car dealerships in the country. As long as you can comply with their simple requirements, they will finance your purchase at a reasonable interest rate.

Easy Approval

The company offers guaranteed auto loan approval even with a horrible credit. They even give auto loan options to those who have serious credit issues in their credit report such as vehicle repossession, bankruptcy issues, consumer proposal, debt  going into collection and even foreclosures. Additionally, they also accommodate those who have recently migrated to Canada (immigrants).

One of the company spokesperson said, “We don’t base our approval mainly on one’s credit score. We understand that sometimes we make mistakes and we pay for that through our credit score. That is why we have changed that norm and focused more on helping car buyers get the car they need at a reasonable interest rate”. The company approves thousands of car loan applicants every month from different parts of Canada. To get more informed about their auto loan options, click here.

How to Qualify

New Car Canada has only 3 simple requirements that you need to submit in order to avail of their amazing offers. These (1) Stable monthly income of at least $1,800, (2) authorized driver’s license and (3) can attain insurance coverage for the vehicle.

These are very simple requirements and anyone is welcome to apply. Their services are available 24/7 so you can submit your application anytime, anywhere. Moreover, all their applications are submitted online so their customers don’t need to get out of their comfy home.

About New Car Canada

New Car Canada is an online-based auto loan company that is known to be the fastest and one of the cheapest auto loan provider in Canada. They specialize in helping out bad credit individuals find a car loan with a reasonable rate. Moreover, they allow refinancing option to those who want to get out of their current car loan and switch to New Car Canada.

If you are planning on refinancing your auto loan, check out their options – Take the first step today!

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