AirbnbEazy Takes The Hassle Out Of Hosting By Managing London Holiday Rental Properties

With each passing day, more and more people realize the tremendous earning potential of using their properties as holiday rentals, through posting their booking availability on holiday accommodation sites such as Airbnb.

It has been estimated that this short-term holiday lease provides, on average, a 50% increase in earnings over long-term lets. What’s more, these services give owners the opportunity to make use of their properties as they see fit, without the fuss associated with dealing with untrustworthy renters.

However, a large percentage of property owners in London do not have the available time to tend to their rental properties. This is where AirbnbEazy steps in, to help them make the most out of their extra income stream.

AirbnbEazy is a premiere service company, which takes up a multitude of projects associated with taking care of holiday rental properties.

Company representatives can manage clients’ listings, promote them on the most popular short-term listing websites, aiming for its maximum occupancy. Owners need not worry about scheduling and potential customer screening, as AirbnbEazy conducts occupant checks, and can even arrange for exchanging keys upon their arrival and departure.

Furthermore, AirbnbEazy can take care of the property’s maintenance, in between guest arrivals. Its trained staff will thoroughly clean the property, wash guest linen and towels, and restock shower and toilet essentials, and even provide a house guide, to ensure guests enjoy an unforgettable stay.

To ensure that the hosting process concludes smoothly, AirbnbEazy specialists check the property for potential damages or missing items, carrying out a thorough inventory check.

Of the venture, AirbnbEazy’s owner stated “We aim to help hosts eliminate the organisational and logistical challenges associated with operating an Airbnb listing while offering guests a hotel-quality stay in a more down-to-earth and localised environment.”

Currently serving 14 London boroughs, AirbnbEazy has already completed more than 154 hosting projects. The company has already gained a broad clientele, while service expansion to the remaining boroughs is imminent.


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