A Bold Profession – Journalism


        Many people usually are habitual of listening or reading NEWS in the morning along with Tea. Some of them read newspaper and some switch on their televisions. With India being Digital, now a days people read NEWS online either on their desktops, laptops or cell phones. Various apps of NEWS Channels and news are also available. One just has to download it and on one touch ready and fresh NEWS is available. What attracts us towards NEWS?

Current affairs, breaking NEWS, what’s happening around all these factors do but more of all the way of communication through which it is conveyed to us. The most effective way is through live NEWS conveyed i.e. via Journalism. The presentation, the skill, communication and way of conveying message all the skills are mandatory for becoming a Journalist.

Minimum eligibility required for this is graduation degree and some relevant experience is also necessary. No. of Training Institutes offer this course and training programs, but default eligibility required for being a Journalist is passion for it and courage enough to approach different locations whether isolated areas, naxalite areas, tragedy or natural calamity affected areas or slums, or national and International Borders. Journalism is not for the ones who want to life safe in home and office life.

The profile of Journalist includes investigation and reporting of NEWS including political, social, current affairs and popular trends. They gather, interpret and disseminate NEWS for wide audience, they target masses. They are keen observers and develop investigation skills in addition to writing accurately and concisely.

        Skill improvisation majorly takes place in a Journalist such as enhancement of general knowledge, quick decision making ability, developing inter personal skills and investigation skills making one active and a quick responder. This field is incredibly competitive. There is so much of scope and possibilities in this career and many opportunities are on the way for those who wish to enter the field.

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