While Twitter is Losing Business and Facebook Polices with Google to Find Bogus News, QuakBox Continues with Rapid Growth as a Social Newswork Site


Miami, FL, Nov 16, 2016 – With the recent news and rumors spread around the Internet, of Twitter attempting to sell it seems that social media networking sites are experiencing corporate turbulence. Facebook and Google are now becoming the social media news police, to cut back on false accusations. Media reported they were responsible for leaking bogus information about the election of 2016. While these companies are dripping with turmoil, the social ‘newsworking’ site is growing.

Quakbox.com first launched in early second quarter of 2016. Since then, the Haitian descendant and CEO of the QuakBox Gatien Georges has been busy building his team and followers. “People share my vision to have a site that seeks news from their respective country, they have a right to know what’s happening to their families, businesses and network. My vision is to have a site that builds a global bridge.” Georges comments after telling his story about being unable to reach family after the horrific earthquake in Haiti.

Other than Quakbox’s goals to connect with schools, educators and students looking to be contributing writers, the site is partnering with schools worldwide for more communications. The humanities program is also seeking grants to assist with the maintenance of the site. The team of seven work tirelessly and it’s showing. The numbers along with social media followers coming onboard may be a part of the revolution toward communication in the future.

Georges follows up with “Unlike Facebook and Google, this project is driven to be more of a news worthy site.”  visit www.quakbox.com

Gatien Georges
PO Box 5265
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33033
Phone: tel:561.901.0115

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