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New Kite projects Vertical Height Access Ladder System Kits give a creative response for vertical climbing that is definitely not hard to-utilize, requires irrelevant upkeep and gives transcendent security. Kite activities are open in aluminum, zaps, stainless steel development or aroused. The simple climb System offers sans without hands fall assurance that finally constructs worker versatility, wellbeing and benefit.


  • Remarkable diagram keeps hands allowed to climb
  • Designed for smooth operation for climbing/plunging
  • Simple to organize and present do-it-without anybody’s pack
  • Durable development for amplified benefit life
  • Obliges diverse laborers


Frameworks are available in easy to-present units or can be changed for your application with additional open parts, including:


  • Sections for greater venturing rungs
  • Sections to attach to stepping stool side rails
  • Foldable stools for long stepping stool
  • Shaft area device to give basic access to sewer vents and housetop hatches


Kite projects offers the business’ head vertical frameworks that included security, climbing flexibility and effectiveness. Investigate a combination of stepping stool security apparatus and harnesses and moreover vertical life savers. Make an effort not to leave that feeling security on the ground, whether advantageous or enduring, compact or manual or helped or non-helped, we have a vertical framework proposed to supplement your ability to work safely and gainfully.


The adaptable link stepping stool security framework is a changeless vertical framework for fall insurance on consistently got to structures, for instance, stepping stools, tanks or towers that allow the worker to climb and down the entire stature of the system rather than detaching and find new tie-off concentrations en route. Changeless vertical frameworks need to stand up to the parts for increased time periods and require disintegration safe energized or stainless steel development.


To an incredible degree tall or extended structures are consistently helpful for a helped framework which gives weight lightening to lessening worker shortcoming and improve climbing life expectancy. The Powered Climb Assist System is a non-fall catch assessed structure especially expected to offer assistance to the people who climb the internal stepping stool of wind imperativeness towers the world over. This structure will work adjacent you’re existing fall security framework, or versatile connection stepping stool wellbeing framework for finish genuine sentiments of peacefulness, sans hands portability and assurance. The controlled climb help framework highlights a direct fitting and advantageous motor that is adaptable to your climbing style.

Kite projects trust that “Easy climbing framework conveying solace and execution at statures!”

Kite projects offers a spare vertical get to framework that depends on pre-outfitted segments. Kite projects offers Cat stepping stool with the accompanying substance:


  1. Up to 6 meter floor to floor stature stepping stools accessible on 2 day dispatch.
  2. Component based step framework agreeable to BS4211.
  3. System can be adjusted to suit bespoke circumstances.
  4. Value included – spares time on establishment, no requirement for hard work gear, parts can be supplanted as vital.
  5. Ladder frameworks can be utilized with open work ground surface and straightforward segments to cross parapet dividers and scaffold checks. Utilized as a part of railroad, roadway and costal situations


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