Online SEO and social media marketing service for photographers sets itself apart with free advice, personalized service

Photographer Marketing Academy, one of popular internet marketer and SEO blogger Yasir Khan’s marketing advice and service sites, has become incredibly successful since it was founded in 2014 by sticking to a set of principles that Khan and his team believe sets it apart from other photography marketing services.

When visiting Photographer Marketing Academy’s website, a few differences between this any many other online marketing services are visible. The primary difference is the amount of information and advice Khan’s team gives away for free.

While almost every SEO marketing site worth its salt (and quite a few that aren’t) has a blog, both as a way of attracting site visitors and showing web browsers and potential clients their expertise and philosophy, few are as expansive as that offered by Photographer Marketing Academy.

Perhaps more importantly, the main service that Photographer Marketing Academy tries to “sell” visitors is a free “cheat sheet” detailing the Photographer Marketing Academy method. Yasir Khan and his team encourage anyone interested in paying for marketing services for a photography company to sign up for and read the cheat sheet first.

The cheat sheet contains marketing tips that could help photographers help themselves with SEO instead of hiring marketers. This seems like a risky move for a company in the SEO game.

When asked about it, Khan seemed to think it was well worth the risk. His thinking is that the cheat sheet will showcase both the effectiveness and difficulty of marketing photography online.While photographers can undoubtedly apply some of what they learn in the cheat sheet themselves, they may need to pay for Photographer Marketing Academy’s SEO services in order to maximize the benefit.

Either way, according to Khan and his team, the site helps photographers—which is why Photographer Marketing Academy was founded in the first place.

About Yasir Khan

Yasir Khan is the founder of Photographer Marketing Academy and other online marketing sites. He frequently describes himself as “obsessed with SEO.” He may be reached directly on Facebook and Twitter or via email at

About Photographer Marketing Academy

Photographer Marketing Academy has been helping photographers market their services online since 2014, and in that time has helped over 300 photographers in the US and Canada. They may be reached online at or by phone at (416) 880-3579 or email at

Yasir Khan
Photographer Marketing Academy
Phone: (416) 880-3579

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