Rubik’s Cube


        Have you ever seen anybody arranging colors from being scattered to dispersing them? You must be thinking that I am talking about kids above 1 year arranging colors as shown to them or given in toy frame. No! I am talking about the Magic Cube with six colors in a 3D combination puzzle. Moving cubes are fun to play with. Rubik’s Cube is not only fun but a Brain storming activity.

Six grids to shuffle colors and re arrange in squares of a particular color. Not an easy task to do. It needs right trick to be solved, time, focus and perfection. It is so popular that it already reached heights of popularity in 80s and 90s. Although it’s not easy to solve, it has so many possible configurations (of over 43 quintillion) that it would be impossible to solve it by randomly turning the faces until it’s done.

It was thought to be done by the experts or geniuses, but many experts have already given up trying it thousands of times. Now a day’s many classes are available where techniques and tricks to solve the cube are taught. Such classes are also available in Pune City, where one can learn to master this 3D combination puzzle.

There are several benefits of solving Rubik’s Cube such as it increasing co-ordination between left & right brain which helps in developing critical and analytical thinking, it also helps in increase of concentration and memory power which again helps to develop quick decision making ability and understanding the things in right and quick way.

        One must definitely learn to solve Rubik’s Cube, it’s good for brain as well it is a good activity to refresh mood and playing with colors is always fun.

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