Wuzhou Jewel Festival Now Came to a Perfect Ending

The Wuzhou Festival has now finally come to a perfect ending after it had welcomed one-hundred six thousand passengers. The aim of the festival is to increase the awareness of people about its number of attendees and its successful ending.

Among those participants are the people from Taiwan, Pakistan, Hongkong, Garner, Senegal, Burma and other countries. In the exhibition, it includes coral gemstone machinery, pearl and jewelry. The theme of the jewel festival is called as “Internet Plus Jewel”, take the offline – online combination.

As per the exhibition area of 28000 square meters, a jewelry show showcases different regions of classic jewel contests, different language customers, different colors and more. The transactions are negotiated and contrasted between the participants. The jewelry in Indonesia is coral jade and is clear that feels like the crust movement, high temperature, geothermal suffering and pressure helped form the organic gem. The participant from Indonesia is hoping to seek cooperation partners and to develop the Chinese market.

Organized by the Wuzhou Municipal Committee has been the first to ever been combined with the internet. It greatly focuses on “Internet plus gem” and it attracts 105 enterprises. The festival has also been introduced to the dragon network and the Alibaba to cooperate.

The international trading market in Alibaba is actually the very first to create an Alibaba group-based business. This is now the leading trading platform that services lots of suppliers and buyers around the world. In the trade market of Alibaba around the world, the sellers are mostly Pakistan, China, India, Japan, United States and distributors and manufacturers. Through the consistent effort and support of Alibaba, it paved more to the development of jewelry industry online.

In addition to that, Dalong network offers high-quality and dependable resources for the development of Wuzhou gem. The information resources online will help make the Wuzhou jewel set up on a bigger stage. The two is considered to be a model of 2-way cooperation under the development of the Internet Plus.

It is expected that more people will be interested in the festival and the jewel of Wuzhou that come along with its unique color showing that extraordinary and radiant jewel of Wuzhou section in the cross-border electricity supplier shopping platform.

Media Contact:
Company Name: The Organizing Committee of 13th Wuzhou Jewel Festival
Contact Person: Ms. Huang
Address: D171-75, Baoshi Building, Middle of #69, Xihuan Road, Wuzhou, Guangxi, China
E-mail: 1453761465@qq.com

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