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As we all know, Zeah rework has been discussed for a long time and a huge number of players claim for a more natural looking continent. Last few days ago, Jagex released the Kourend rework in osrs along with more NPCs, rivers and vast sights. Seize the rare chance to buy rs 2007 gold with 60% off to head towards new Zeah in osrs!

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River, NPCs & more additions make Zeah more natural continent

1. A river now divides the continent which flowing through Hosidius and to the north, to Piscarilius.

2. The entire coastline of Zeah has been manually reworked. Although the distinct climates remain, albeit with a much more natural formation.

3. A small island has also been added off the south east coast where players can pay a small fee to access additional Sand Crabs to train on. These can be accessed by speaking to the man with the rowboat on the coast.

4. The city of Kourend is now populated with more NPCs, stalls, and signs of life.

More practical reworks and fixes make Zeah more fantastic
Besides the above additions, Jagex also re-factored all teleports and activities to work with the new Zeah map. For example:

1. The outlook teleport has moved slightly to the west so that it is closer to the shayzien house.

2. If it needs to expand travel in the future, something will be added.

3. There is a bank added in the castle, located on the top floor of the castle.

There is no doubt that it is a great work on the new Zeah map design. Are you looking forward to exploring it? Buy RS 2007 Gold at 60% off on RSorder 2016 Thanksgiving Treats to head towards the brand new Zeah!

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