It has direct damage DPS almost comparable to that from the dagger

It has direct damage DPS almost comparable to that from the dagger.But because of its slow nature it’s significantly less reliable when dodging.The final hit from the chain applies seconds of chill.We area unit the biggest marketer of rs gold!! Please look our site: rs 2007 gold for sale .This makes a great auto attack to make use of for keeping mobs permanently chilled.Taking the Deathly Chill trait makes this auto attack potentially do more damage than dagger when you are able to attack the whole time.It also generates a little bit of life force.GravediggerThis is really a very hard hitting skill.

It is among the biggest single hit damaging strikes hanging around.And it’s only with an second recharge.Its slow cast some time and large aftercast allow it to be quite clunky to make use of.But it’s still always an enormous damage increase.It also offers no recharge if this successfully hits an enemy that’s downed or has under % health.This causes it to be incredibly powerful for finishing off mobs and providing the greatest damaging auto attack hanging around when fighting low health bosses.Death SpiralThis skill supplies a short range arc of low damage which hits multiple times, applies vulnerability and generates life force.

The damage is extremely weak and in many groups vulnerability shouldn’t be an issue.So this skill is quite useless.It is however great for generating emergency life force.Or providing vulnerability within the open world.It shouldn’t be employed for anything else as it is really a DPS loss to cast.NightfallThis skill results in a dark field in the Reaper’s feet that pulses blind and cripple every seconds for any total of four pulses.It also deals extremely high overall damage.And the field expands with each pulse.

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