Global Youth Speak 2016 to deal with climate action, poverty and youth unemployment

Award winning delegates from Africa to discuss the way forward for continent and world

The Global Youth Speak is proud to announce their 2016 edition, which will be taking place on the 23rd – 25th of November 2016. The event will see delegates from UN member states discuss major issues like terrorism, poverty,climate change, and unemployment, affecting the youths around the world. This year’s event will have multi-award winning entrepreneur and technology strategist Dr. Chiedza Kambasha as the official delegate representing Zimbabwe.“This year’s event is going to be interesting as we will be discussing the real issues affecting and influencing the growth aspects of youths 2016 and beyond.

Our coordinators are well vast and experienced in matters affecting young people, and they are prepared to do justice to topics slated for discussion,” said Victor Beisy, an organization representative.

The Global Youth Speaks 2016 will be two sessions, which will involve different coordinators and topic discussions. The first session will take place on Thursday, 24th November 2016 and will be coordinated by H.E. Mr. Nixon C. Mwangemi, PanAfrican Youth Council Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Tanzania. The session will involve discussions about finding a solution to problems affecting youths like poverty, unemployment, and climate change.

The session will alsodiscuss the topic “UN reform options: ‘fit for purpose’.” The second session, which will take place on Friday, 25th 2016, will be coordinated by H.E. Mr. Djibril Sorgho, CPR PanAfrican Youth Council Vice Chair, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Ghana. It will seek to develop youth perspective resolution on topics like the implementation of sustainable development, Terrorism, conflicts and disaster risk reduction. “Youths are the leaders of tomorrow. It is important for us to discuss those thingsthat are hindering our progress and productivity so that we can deal with it.

The future is not secured until issues like poverty and unemployment are confronted and dealt with,” said Rebecca T, a delegate.

About Global Youth Speak
Global Youth Speak is a yearly program that brings together representatives from UN member states to discuss issues affecting the youths in the world. Past editions have been coordinated and attended by top-rated and award-winning delegates from different countries. For more information,

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