Yasir Khan, founder of lawyer online marketing firm PromoteLaw, urges lawyers to improve their SEO

Popular blogger and SEO/SEM professional Yasir Khan is the founder of one of the few internet marketing companies devoted solely to helping lawyers and law firms promote themselves, PromoteLaw. In a recent statement on the company’s web site, he urges all lawyers to consider the importance of SEO, even if they don’t end up buying PromoteLaw’s services.

Khan, who frequently describes himself as “obsessed with SEO,” founded PromoteLaw and the other internet marketing firms he runs not just to make money, but to educate business owners, especially small business owners, about the importance and functionality of search engine optimization and other internet marketing techniques, such as social media outreach.

He believes that most major corporations have already learned the importance of SEO and online marketing, and are leaving many small businesses behind. To help small law firms succeed, PromoteLaw offers free advice in the forms of a blog and newsletter in addition to paid marketing services.

Khan has said of PromoteLaw that it is there not just to sell marketing to lawyers and law firms, but to educate them about it. Old ways of advertising are going by the wayside quickly, and the whole team at PromoteLaw believes that most small businesses that do not learn about and implement strong SEO as soon as possible will not last into the 2020s.

PromoteLaw, which considers itself a small business for the time being, is highly invested in keeping small businesses afloat for the integrity and personality they bring to the business world at large and the cities and towns where they operate. Working with small law firms is a natural extension of that belief and expertise.

About Yasir Khan
Yasir Khan is the founder of PromoteLaw and other online marketing sites. He frequently describes himself as “obsessed with SEO.” He may be reached directly on Facebook and Twitter or via email at qslsupport@gmail.com.

About PromoteLaw
PromoteLaw has been assisting lawyers and law firms with internet marketing since 2014. The company may be reached on the web at http://promotelaw.com or via phone at (416) 880-3579 or email at qslsupport@gmail.com.

Yasir Khan
Web: http://promotelaw.com
Phone: (416) 880-3579
Email: qslsupport@gmail.com

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