Sticker Shop Unlimited Announces New Review System for its Mobile Website

Sticker Shop Unlimited, one of the world’s rising upstarts in the industry of personalized labels, proudly announces that visitors to its mobile website can now rate and review their purchases.

Sticker Shop Unlimited, one of the world’s fastest-growing online provider of high quality personalized label solutions, has just announced the introduction of an innovative and responsive ratings and reviews system in their mobile website.

The new system now allows visitors to review any of the products that they have purchased from the mobile version of The company is known for its excellent product quality, superb delivery times, and unparalleled customer service, all of which have contributed to the company’s growth since its establishment. The reviews and ratings system is designed to actively engage customers by providing them with ample opportunities to share their thoughts about the products with the company as well as to help other visitors in making better informed decisions regarding future purchases.

According to Sticker Shop Unlimited founder and CEO, Jaime Hidalgo, “Transparency and being receptive especially to customer feedback are essential to good business. This is particularly true in the personalized sticker industry because a great majority of our clients are designers, artists, and crafters who rely on Sticker Shop Unlimited to provide them with a product that best represents their brand.”

The innovative ratings and reviews system of Sticker Shop Unlimited utilizes a unique verification method that designates reviewers as Verified Buyers, Verified Reviewers, or as Anonymous Reviewers. Verified Buyers are those who have successfully bought a product from the Sticker Shop Unlimited mobile website and left a review. Verified Reviewers are those who did not have their past purchases verified but had their identities verified through links with their social media profiles. Anonymous Reviewers are those who leave reviews without making a purchase nor linking their social media profiles.

This system of reviewers allows mobile website visitors to assign credibility in the reviews. Typically, reviews from Verified Buyers have more weight than those posted by the other two types of reviewers. Some of the more useful reviews are now featured in the Facebook page of the company, which is now growing into a center for creative and crafters to share their passion in the arts.


Media Contact

Company Name: Sticker Shop Unlimited

Contact Person: Jaime Hidalgo

Phone: 561 674 7446

Address: 1405 N Congress Ave. #10, Delray Beach, FL 33445

Country: United States


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