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The RuneScape team continues to bring new features to the venerable title, this time in the form of cheap rs 3 gold a brand new elite skill called “invention”. Invention allows high-level layers to augment and customize gear with a large variety of perks. Players will first to need to level three other skills (Smithing, Crafting, Divination) in order to access invention.

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The introduction of Invention opens the possibility for players to optimise their favourite weapons to make them killers in all situations, or create armouries of gear perfect against dragons, demons, and other malevolent creatures. RuneScape gold. Players can even choose to take on bosses with negative perks to see if they can overcome the challenge, or search out the weird and wacky perks like ‘Hallucination’. Furthermore, technologically advanced devices can be discovered, such as mechanised chinchompas and pogo sticks, allowing players to feel like a true scientific pioneer in Gielinor.

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