Better Late Than Never – Introduction to .Net (Dot Net)


        What a programmer’s mind can’t do! From developing websites, web pages, software, app development. Whoa! They can reach anywhere and can move the tech world in any direction. Ordinary people don’t know much about technical things or back end technologies, but we are totally dependent upon programmers and technologies used by them or created by them. Either using a smart phone, smart watch, laptop, tab, smart television or anything connecting to technology has a programmer’s brain behind it.

How do the programmers do that?

They work on the programming languages, in which via coding de-coding and more such processes they create whatever they want to whether it is a website or an app such as Java and . Net (pronounced as Dot Net). Among these .Net, a trending programming language introduced by Microsoft. Earlier to that there was only popular programming language i.e. Java.

In competition with Java, and due to complexity of its powerful tool VC++, Microsoft recognized the need to introduce its own programming language in the market; the arrival of .Net took place. Though it took much time to enter the markets but it got caught very quickly. Now a day’s programmers prefer to work on .Net rather on any other language.

.Net framework works upon different sub languages like visual basic, C#, J# upgrading eventually in different versions. It is a set of technologies consisting of .Net framework, .Net Enterprise Servers, Building block services, Visual Studio.Net. A layer of software that makes it easy for programmers to write programs that can communicate with the operating system.

Anyways, this programming language has turned the markets and technologies since its evolution. Even in youth it is so popular that classes for .Net are easily available in Pune City.

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