Delightime Goes On Big Sale for Black Friday

This coming Black Friday, the well-loved party light brand “Delightime” will be up for grabs as it goes on a limited-time only super sale. Starting from November 25, 2016, shoppers may purchase premium disco lights on a 40% discount.

The Delightime features two (2) products: Full Color and the 2-in-1, both made with superior performing LED lights which has the ability to last up to 20,000 hours and can save energy usage by 80%. Furthermore, each unit is easy to install with its compatibility with regular lamp sockets and is easy to use requiring only one flick of the switch.

Delightime Full Color Disco Light is a simple but effective party starter, automatically spinning vibrant colors in red, blue and green. It creates a dazzling display of dancing lights, and can be used for disco, ballroom, KTV, bar, and dancing clubs. Also more recently, the light was found to be a hit among children.

Likewise, another product which is available on sale is the new 2-in-1 LED Party Light. Released on the first quarter of the year, it is an innovative approach to lighting and party accessories. It has two contrasting settings: one is the “Disco Mode” which provides a colorful disco ball alternative and the other is “White Mode” which produces a cool and calming white light. It is a multipurpose light, cutting the costs for two bulbs into one purchase. And it can be used for all kinds of parties and celebrations, stage lighting, DJ lighting, and as a normal home lighting as well.

Both products are exclusively sold on Amazon and is under its dealer company’s “Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee”. This allows a buyer, who is not 100% delighted with their purchase, to simply return the item for a full refund without questions asked and no hard feelings.

Interested shoppers may use the promo code: 6RVYGSMM to claim their 40% discount. The sale is set to end on November 28, 2016.

Name: Tom Huston
Company: G&H Global LLC
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