All in One Dance Form – Bollywood


        Remember the Dhak Dhak Girl – Madhuri Dixit performing on “Ghagra or Ek do teen or Chane ke Khet me”? Her energy, expressions, smile, gestures and flexibility; so mesmerizing she is. Not only Madhuri Dixit, even Aishwarya Rai, Raveena Tondon , Urmila Matondkar, Hrithik Roshan and a long list to be written. What makes these actors so special in dancing?

Everyone knows there are fabulous choreographers behind every bollywood number. But here I am just pointing about the style which makes us unique from salsa, jazz, samba or any other Dance form.  Though there is nothing much to describe about Bollywood dance forms, but it has large number of dance styles that have been enfolded into. It can be said that this dance form is a synthesis of formal and folk traditional Indian music and dance traditions with Middle Eastern techniques.

There has been a drastic change in bollywood dancing since years. This form of dance depends upon various factors like Clothing and Costumes, Background or Setup Jewelry, Weather conditions, Chemistry, choreographers, right kind of music and lyrics too, also upon the actor or actresses performing those numbers. Whether it is a romantic song in rainy season or snow; or an item number or a sad song, bollywood actors are no where less. They put in the right efforts of postures, gestures and expressions with the help of their mentors and give the “Right Feel” to audience so that they connect to it right and feel the same way it has been conveyed to them.

You must be linking romantic no.s with the King of Bollywood spreading his arms in his signature pose to call his beloved close to him in the movies. Well this is what exactly Bollywood songs makes one feel. This dance form is popular worldwide that even foreigners take bollywood dance classes online and offline to learn it. In India, it is in the genes of its citizens and those who follow bollywood dancing as passion and want to make it a profession, they learn it die heartedly from famous choreographers such as Shiamk Davar, Remo Farnandis, Saroj Khan Farah Khan etc. majorly in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune City.

You too must give a try to it and feel what Bollywood Dancing is all about.

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