Processing Technology of WPC Composites

Wood-plastic composite materials are the first to use the production process is mixing, re-hot (or foam pressing) into flat or molded profiles.Outdoor WPC flooring paving materials Now the production process to extrusion-based, supplemented by injection molding.WPC Wall Panels Decorative Materials The main molding methods of domestic wood-plastic composites are dipping molding, flat press molding, compression molding, extrusion molding, thermoforming, radiation molding, injection molding and so on.

The earliest use of the impregnation method, in recent years, wood-plastic composite material production process using a two-step method, that is,Beautify the environment – courtyard fence the first blending granulation, and then the finished product extrusion. Because of the high cost of this method of processing products, since 1999, began to study the composite products, one-step extrusion molding technology, that is, directly with the extruder of the material mixing and molding, Process, thereby reducing the cost and improve the market competitiveness of products.

Extrusion molding, hot pressing, injection molding, compression molding is the main processing of wood-plastic composite molding method. Extrusion molding process is a relatively common process because of its short processing cycle and high efficiency.WPC pergola Production process is the chemical monomer into the wood, and then use high-energy radiation or heating catalyst and other methods made of wood-plastic composite materials.

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