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Jagex Studios and the Runescape development team have announced the return of International Fight Knights. International Fight Knights pit players from runescape gold for sale around the world against one another in an international competition to become ‘boss’. RuneScape gold. The winner of last year’s inaugural event was the team from Poland that beat out much larger teams from other locations.

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With 1000s of player participating in the previous event and with 16 different communities already signed up this year’s competition is shaping up to be a battle of epic proportions. There’s no need to preregister if you want to join the battle, half the fun is just showing up on the day and taking part!

Jagex have actually managed to convince people that clicking the same shit over and over again is “fun”. Almost every encounter with a runescape player I have had will often complain about being bored of clicking the same fishing spot over again, or clicking the same willow or maple tree over again. Most areas of runescape are empty of players because a lot of areas are just redundant – there are a lot of areas that you will only visit once because of a quest or something like that. A lot of people complain about the crappy quests. Let’s not get started on the vast amount of redundant items that exist.

This is why there existed and still exists a desperate need for botting and rs goldfarming in the first place. The fact that the game has runescape gold farmers, botting, and real world trading in itself proves that people aren’t feeling satisfied with the reward they get from what they put into the game. Of course this is not true in all cases. People of course like to cheat. They like to get better than everyone else early in the game. But runescape is notorious for its botting problem – and there is a reason why.

General botters bot to avoid all the mindless boring shit. They want to actually enjoy the game. Jagex only dislike botters because they think that botting will shorten your gaming experience – which means less money for them. When the truth is botters want to avoid all the boring shit which Jagex will never admit. It’s “botters are just lazy cheaters who destroy the fun for everyone else.”. This is nonsense. How can you say someone is lazy for not clicking the same thing over again – which involves barely any muscular movement whatsoever? That is the most backward logic I have heard ever. Yet, everyone likes to spout this nonsense all the time when on the topic of botters.

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