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Most items in runescape are well overpriced for what they give you – whether we are talking about weapons and armour, food or bones. The atk/def bonuses you get are not worth how much money you pay and the xp gain from burying bones or making dragon hide shit isn’t worth the money you pay for dragon bones or raw dragon hide. This is why bots exist in the first place.

Jagex only care about profit and they need you to keep playing for as long as possible. So you get little reward for hours of work – which makes you want to put even more hours in to get anything that is decent and to actually get any enjoyment from the game. Jagex’s answer to the botting problem is to be able to detect them and ban them. When what they really should be doing is analyzing why botters want to bot in the first place and try to emancipate the desire to bot in players – which is the root of the problem.

Runescape Bots

I love minesweeper. It is an incredibly old simple game. If I had to pay a couple of pounds every month to play it. I would. And if I can cheat, I won’t. Because the game is such good fun. It is not really that difficult but you only build score. That’s it. Fair, fun and rewarding. The same cannot be said about runescape.

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