The problem of damp floor

In the past, the impression that the new home decoration most people do not worry is the floor damp. Because the floor once damp, it will arch deformation, beautiful flooring on the beyond recognition of the! So whether it is to buy solid wood flooring or laminate flooring will look at the floor of the moisture resistance is good, and composite flooring is slightly better than solid wood flooring. In this case,cheap outdoor flooring

The surface of the paint by UV curing, greatly enhance the hardness of the surface, the French “Kennedy” wear-resistant paint and nine high-precision rolling process, the surface of the paint, So that the floor of the wear-resistant degree of effective increase of about 31%. 7, the back cover of aluminum: the back are covered with aluminum, can prevent moisture penetration, floor heating is more uniform heating, aluminum printed on the “Bei Yake” trademark, the authenticity of a glance.advantages and disadvantages of durable wall panelling

Strict testing: the birth of each have been more than 20 Road testing process, all the testing equipment, test results meet the national standards, fully meet customer demand for consumption. 9, geothermal preferred: the product structure is the degree of engineering in line with the principles of mechanics and ergonomics, each batch of products have been cold and cruel test of high temperature, very suitable for geothermal heating. 10, saving resources: more than 75% of materials are artificial fast-growing wood, greatly saving the natural forest resources, in line with international environmental trends and national sustainable development of industrial policy.Decorative Metal Wall Panels Interior

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