The Tattooine Homestead isn t a homestead

Two fewer hooks, and all however the staircase set of small hooks are situated differently.The Tattooine Homestead isn t a homestead.It is really a freaking palace.We area unit the biggest marketer of rs gold!! Please look our site: rs gold for sale .You could probably have put 5 of Luke Skywalker s homes within the place.I d like to inquire about two things :Is the guild stronghold also increasing stronghold conquest bonus?second : Is it possible to obtain 2 or 3 guild stronghold or alter the location from the guild stronghold?No guild stronghold doesn’t contribute to conquest bonus.

A guild may possess a Flagship along with a stronghold active in the same time.You can NOT have two planet strongholds in the same time.(E.g.Kaas and NarShad)If you wish to change guild location, you have to mothball the initial first, and because you are able to t buy guild strongholds with CC, there will be considered a hefty reactivation cost if you wish to go back.Works nearly identically to non public ones, just harsher costs.Pretty sure you are able to only acquire one guild stronghold, and don t know should you could change it out.

Would ve been nice if something apart from Headquarters: guildname differentiated the guild stronghold in the personal one.I mean, you d believe that 10 times the cost for unlockingwould ve garnered something extra or special as well as just different! 1.Multiple Gold Keys.Automatically available to all guild members.3.Persistent when public.(Personal strongholds require account to become online to show in listings.)Also, I realize that flagships could be renamed.

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