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Hi guys. Since smite has always been different in OSRS to how it was back in RS2. We know most people don’t PK anymore so we offer runescape 07 gold completely understand if people wouldn’t want it fixed. But for the people who still do PK, having smite work how it used to would make PvP (especially BH) way more exciting.

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What’s different Smite OSRS to how it was back in RS 2?

Basically the low down of it is that back in RS2, you could smite someone on the same tick as killing them, so If we hit a 70 ags which took their prayer from 5 to 0, that would be a smite kill. This is impossible in OSRS because prayer drops 1 tick after it goes to 0, meaning you can never smite someone on a KO hit. The problem with this is that if you want to smite your opponent, it’s actually against your interest to kill them unless you see their prayer drop, because if you kill them and they’re prayer is still up (even if it goes to 0), you will never smite them.

The positives of changing smite back in RS 2.

The positives of changing it back are that regular (non high-risk) PvP will be more risky, potentially more profitable and take more skill in making sure your prayer doesnt run too low.

The negatives of changing it : are that we know this is largely a PvM and Skilling based community these days so we totally get that a lot of people won’t want updates that make PKers more powerful or that only benefit PvP, and yeah I totally understand if most people wouldn’t want this changed because of that.
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