Steven Greschner on What He Learned from Hummingbird

Phoenix, Ariz., Oct. 30, 2016 – Steven Greschner founded the network security and communications firm Hummingbird in April 2002, and departed for another company in June of this year. We can all learn from Greschner’s experiences at Hummingbird and his thoughts as he looks towards the future.

It is obvious from Steven Greschner’s LinkedIn profile and web presence that founding and chairing Hummingbird was one of his greatest business experiences. To found a company, and more importantly, one that lasts longer than a few years, is a dream many businessmen only aspire to. To run the company for over 14 years is yet another huge achievement.

Although Steven Greschner’s time at Hummingbird is over, he has already eagerly begun working at another network security firm. He is ready to put the experiences he had at Hummingbird to work for another company, as he believes that the experience a businessman gets running a company is a totally unique one—one that a person can never have while working at another firm or studying business at university.

When an individual runs a company, Greschner believes, he or she learns a higher level of management skills. All the people, all the data at the company are interacting with him or her in some way. Running a company for 14 years can only make Greschner and other CEOs of tech firms into better managers, no matter what their next experiences in the business world are like.

About Steven Greschner:
Steven Greschner has worked in the tech industry since 1983, for firms such as Data General and Cisco. He founded Hummingbird in April 2002, and departed to work as a business development manager at Mosaic451. He lives in Arizona.

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