Unless you lose those stats now Well without giving it a go I couldn t say without a doubt

Unless you lose those stats now Well without giving it a go I couldn t say without a doubt, but my guess could be:If the ONLY character you have for the legacy is definitely an insta 60, you miss out on a chance to get those % bonuses without creating level 1 chars to operate the companion conversations you are able to cancel the quest and return to the fleet, go and talk for your companions to accomplish their missions then go back and start the brand new content being an insta 60so it’s possible to lose out should you don t stop and give consideration.

Tradeskill Bonuses Removed, We are changing the way in which that Presence works so that each point provides percentage based bonuses, rather than flat numerical bonuses.This pretty much translates into a couple of things:Sadly, the Companions of low level characters with massive Presence bonuses using their legacies will no more be hilariously overpowered (I promise we re just like sad to determine this go as you’re, it provided good quality times).

Presence will scale far better at higher levels.: dulfy.net 2015 10 21 swtor fallen empire companion influences guide Each influence rank provide the following bonuses.We area unit the biggest marketer of rs gold!! Please look our site: rs gold for sale. time efficiency for crew skill tasks+0.5% critical rate for crew skill tasks I personally don t enjoy it, i don t view it as economically viable to purchase the gifts to boost the influence, cause it requires 22 rank 5 purple gifts to obtain up to Ilevel 20 approximately.but those 22 gifts require me to pay over 1mil credits i don t observe that as viable for those companions.

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