Top London Wedding Photographer Iain Gomes talks about Destination Wedding Photography and growing trends of Destination Weddings

Its 12 noon on an early November morning as Top London Wedding Photographer Iain Gomes, greets me with his trademark infectious smile and friendly persona. Impeccably dressed as always, Iain takes in a deep breath of the fresh sea air as he settles into his chair and surveys the majestic view of the French Riviera before us.

The setting could not be more apt. The glamorous yachts perched upon the vibrant blue shores of the Mediterranean in this celebrity galore town of Cannes sets the tone for our conversation this morning – Destination Wedding Photography and the growing trends of Destination Weddings.

I start our interview by asking Iain a little more about Gomes Photography . “I don’t consider myself as just a Destination Wedding Photographer, but an artist with a creative turn of mind. I take pride in what I do and my passion is to create stunning images which are captured in a natural and relaxed.” He further adds, “Rather than posing for your pictures, I like to follow the bride and groom and guests throughout the day making myself invisible in the background and capturing events as they unfold in order to tell the story of your wedding.”

When pressed on how Iain and Gomes Photography differentiate from the competition, Iain stresses how he has had the honour to be the wedding photographer at some of the UK’s best wedding venues, “I have had the opportunity to photograph in iconic venues in the UK such as St Pauls Cathedral, Skibo Castle, Berkeley Castle, Leeds Castle in Kent, The Ritz Hotel and The May Fair Hotel in London. Outside of the UK, I have had the privilege to photograph a number of destination weddings, including a Chinese wedding at the Sydney Opera House in Australia, a beautiful Castle wedding in Malta and a wedding at a Palace in Italy.”

Iain continues to talk about how being a native Londoner helps him connect with diversity of cultures in our modern society. His gregarious personality combined with love for what he does also means that he has been a wedding photographer for Hindu weddings, Chinese weddings, Greek weddings and Jewish weddings. On a lighter note, Iain chuckles “its always endearing to hear from my clients, how they have branded me as their favourite Hindu Wedding Photographer, Jewish Wedding Photographer and Greek Wedding Photographer.”

The topic turns to the growing trends in Destination Weddings and its rising popularity in recent years, Iain talks about the increased price of at-home weddings combined with the need for longer guest lists that has contributed to the every growing trend of Destination Weddings. Iain adds, “With Destination weddings, the couple can uncover savings and it also gives the couple extra room in their budget for add-ons and upgrades to enhance their experience. My personal experience having done both breathtaking London Wedding Photography and Destination Wedding Photography, the latter gives you a chance to celebrate each other and your loved ones in a more intimate and relaxed setting. ”

When asked which locations will see a surge for 2017 Destination Weddings, Iain with broad smile talks about Europe continuing to be a popular choice for UK clients especially Greece, Italy, France and Spain. On the other side of the pond, he reckons, “the Islands in the Caribbean and Mexico will continue to be popular wedding hotspots. Last but not the least, the hospitality in Asia is second to none and popularity of Bali, India and Thailand as wedding destinations will continue to increase.”

As I wind the interview down by thanking Iain for his time, it is clear 2017 will be a big year for Destinations Weddings and Gomes Photography. Those looking for priceless memories for a fairytale wedding to last for a lifetime can get in touch with Iain Gomes , 0203 837 4953 or email

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