FISU Meditation Announces City of London Meditation Centre

In today’s hectic world where everybody is rushing about as fast as they can, desperately trying to get ahead and pay the bills, we often forget about the spirituality that is at the centre of the human condition. Things are especially bad in major cities, where the pace of life has reached record levels. But now, thanks to FISU Meditation, that may be about to change.

Recently, FISU’s founder, Rajesh Ananda, proudly announced the grand opening of the international non-profit organisation’s first meditation centre in the City of London, right in the midst of the commercial heart of the UK. The centre, located close to Moorgate, is designed to be a retreat where busy people take part in a holistic program of relaxation and spiritual connectedness. The idea is to give people the necessary tools they need to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. The organisation hopes that through their work, people will be able to build a solid foundation of peace in their lives and gradually erode negativity and the stress. The organisation wants to help people to regain their sense of control, quickly and effectively.

The Meditation Courses

The FISU Meditation course is divided up into ten, two-hour long sessions, taking around three months to complete. Each person is treated as an individual with different spiritual needs. As a result, every class is tailored to help that individual with mindfulness and spiritual unfoldment. Undergirding the whole system is a generalised, non-denominational spiritual philosophy designed to provide the tools people need to cope with the complexities of life in the 21st century. The aim of the programme is to set participants up for a lifetime of self-knowledge, peace and, ultimately, well-being.

Spiritual Knowledge Base

As part of FISU’s drive, the organisation provides participants with a host of unique and useful resources on its website. These include articles on topics such as how to cope with negative self-talk, what to do about anger issues, and how we create our own suffering. There’s a genuine focus here on real world issues that affect vast numbers of people. The potential for healing and for wisdom is, therefore, enormous.

FISU have also built up a portfolio of video instructions from mindfulness experts. These lectures cover topics like how to feel whole in your relationships again, non-duality and building confidence. There are also a series of blogs written by mindfulness experts for those wanting further reading.

About FISU

Meditation is a technique that has been around for thousands of years, but it was only in the late 1950s that it was popularised again in the USA. FISU are keen to stress that anybody can take part and benefit from meditation. Although historically it has been associated with mysticism, meditation has no religious content in and of itself. As a result, it can be used as a tool by anybody, no matter what their religious or spiritual background.

To find out more about FISU, including the types of courses they offer at their new London Meditation Center, check their organisation’s website.

Rajesh Ananda
Address: 58 Marlborough Road,London,E4 9AL
Telephone: +44 843 289 9898

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