Innovation of plastic – wood materials

Cost is higher than the plastic and natural wood, but because of its characteristics of plastic wood materials, comprehensive, or by the people. R & D content and the main innovation Plastic sheet in Qingdao R & D success,Ecological PVC fence

The main innovation is: 1. Can be used waste plastic waste, such as head, die material, paper and plastic synthetic milk bags, beverage bags, paper and plastic packaging, the above due to contain paper, other industries can not use, it is plastic Wood products Shanghao raw materials. 2. Not suitable for wood fiber, the use of crop fiber (peanut shells, cotton stalks, beans, etc.).Outdoor porch wood-plastic floor

3. Does not apply to imported equipment or imitation imported equipment, the use of self-made equipment, saving a lot of investment. 4. In addition to the motor rotation of the equipment, we use the energy is coal instead of electricity, saving a lot of costs. 5. The implementation of the suppression process, the product area, high strength, is a reinforcement products, wide range of uses. The main research program and process line of wood-plastic products is a new type of composite materials, raw materials, the use of waste plastics and plant fiber, both made of wood and plastic materials, both excellent performance, and plastic can be recycled as many times 100%.Outdoor wood plastic flooring maintenance

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