The rotation is going to be Green Blue Red

The rotation is going to be Green Blue Red.While this sector is included in AoE, anyone traversing through it’ll take significant damage and could be downed if they aren’t at full health.I find a website rs2joy  they selling osrs gold for sale and it is cheap than others.check this out!Need less to say should you get teleported with a blue teleporting circle, you will possess a bad time as there’s a chance that you’ll get ported for an AoE covered sector.Tank should start the boss in the Red Sector after which drag him clockwise to another sector as soon as you possibly can.You basically wish to kite the boss towards the intersection using the next sector and drag him in to the next sector with 3 seconds prior to the sector AoE change.

The number 1 reason behind wipes in Phase 3 and 5 happens because the tank doesn’t drag the boss fast enough to another sector.If this happens, the green circle can spawn within the previous sector in which the AoE occupies as well as your raid team could possibly get downed trying to obtain to it, resulting inside a raid wipe.Raidwide AoEThis may be the second new mechanic for Phase 3.Every 30s, the boss stop and obtain a breakbar.While this breakbar is active, the boss will constantly spam AoE orbs in the raid.

The melee DPS must save their big crowd control cooldowns with this and destroy this breakbar as soon because it appears (basically within 1-2s).Headbutts and Wild Blow from Warrior, Staff from Revenant are ideal for this.Engineer Slick Shoes may also take off most from the bar.You cannot count around the ranged team to complete this because the timing with this breakbar often sync up using the timing for green circles plus they may not be inside a position to assist you break this bar.

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