Advantages and Development of Wood – Plastic Materials

As the wood-plastic composite material fully reflects the use of resources, health and environmental protection, conservation substitution, circular economy,How to judge WPC floor quality sustainable development and a series of advanced concepts, in recent years gradually attracted the attention of the Government and the public. As early as 2002, the Ministry of Science and Technology “863” project and the State Forestry Administration,wpc wall panel “948” program will be included in the biomass restructuring issues; 2001 – 2007 NDRC (including the former State Economic and Trade Commission) will be wood-plastic composite materials Project included in the “national high-tech industrialization of new materials special.”

In the National Development and Reform Commission published the “Guidance Catalog for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2005)”, the relevant or related to the development and utilization of biomass projects in the industry as much as 18; January 2006 the State Council issued the “National Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development Outline “, included in the 68 priority development themes,laminate wpc flooring biomass composite materials and five areas of the five themes associated with cutting-edge technology and basic research in a place; wood-plastic materials have also been included in the national” 11 Five planning “; its special extrusion equipment has also been included in the” 2007 countries to encourage the development of environmental protection equipment (product catalog). ”

At present, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Organizing Committee has chosen wood-plastic materials as part of venues, facilities for the construction of materials.Best Outdoor Decking Material An emerging industry with the state to support and encourage the development of the project has so many links, not only illustrates the diversity of the advantages of the development of biomass composites, but also the performance of new wood-plastic composite material strong vitality and development prospects.

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