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Thrilling news! It’s said that Andrew Sampson decided to release old school HD client source in the next few days. However, as we all know, in August, Jagex stated that using unauthorized third party clients will result in RS 2007 account getting hacked. Now, are you looking forward to use the old school HD Client Source and 2007 runescape gold ?

First, tell you what is OSHD/RuneHD client?

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Take Old School HD Client Source for example. The OSHD stands for Old school RuneScape in High Definition which can deliver players an unique private server experience for the 530 era. In the past several years , it can embrace rich contents and stable platforms.

OSHD & RuneHD client source will be released for free

The developer of OSHD & RuneHD client has announced that they decide to release OSHD and RuneHD client open source via Twitter. When we cheer with ecstasy, Jagex give a hit.

Using third party clients would result in rs account getting hacked

Jagex has announced that using unauthorized third party clients will most likely result in osrs account being banned in August. And they seriously emphasized that HD specific clients would process different graphics to the official client. Thus they are indistinguishable from bot client. That is to say using OSHD/RuneHD client is possibility to cause to rs 2007 account being banned.

However, still many players think that Jagex haven’t banned any third parties clients as of yet, including OSBuddy. So it is still safe to use OSHD client unless RS has an anti-cheat that can detect overlays and memory reading.

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