Over EZ Hangover Supplements Getting Buzz Among Canadian Students

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – If there’s one thing that students dread in today’s lifestyle, it’s getting a hangover the day after a big night out. But the devastating effects of hangovers on Canadian student’s productivity might be about to come to an end with this hangover cure. Over EZ ( www.over-ez.com ) has developed an all-natural product that it believes will allow students to both party and work harder, despite their wild night-outs.

Living Hangover Free Is EZ

So how does this innovative product work? Hangovers from alcohol develop as a result of a buildup of a toxin, called as, Acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is produced in the liver as a byproduct of processing alcohol. It’s this chemical that leads to many of the symptoms that we now associate with being “hung over.” The principle behind Over EZ is to prevent the buildup of this chemical before it can produce any symptoms. How does it do this? By working to increase the production of natural, Acetaldehyde-neutralising enzymes like ADH and ALDH. With high amounts of these enzymes in the liver, the toxin is eliminated before it gets a chance to do damage.

Right now the product is getting a buzz among Canadian students after the company began distributing samples of its products to students. More than 2000 product samples were sent out to key campuses throughout the country. Students quickly noticed how easy the product was to use. All they had to do was take an Over EZ with their first drink of the night. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for the next morning to feel the benefits. While their friends and housemates are barely able to eat their breakfasts, students on Over EZ Hangover Vitamins are ready to face all the challenges of the day.

Two Pellets Phase Technology

Over EZ has worked hard to build an all-natural Health Canada approved & FDA registered product that eliminates the hangover symptoms associated with drinking. This is a result of the company’s two-phase pellet technology, designed to protect the liver as well as help reduce hangover symptoms. In the first phase, Over EZ delivers zinc, magnesium, and the amino acid L-Cysteine into the body – these natural nutritional compounds contribute to protecting the liver from damage. Next, comes the second phase. Here natural ingredients like chicory, Amla and milk thistle are released into the bloodstream, alongside a range of B vitamins – these components are highly anti-inflammatory and help the body detox rapidly. Hence, it’s worth noting that Over EZ isn’t just a product that masks hangover symptoms – it also protects the body and bolster its defenses against the typical student lifestyle.

What Students Are Saying

Most people are skeptical of anything that claims to be able to mitigate hangovers. After all, we’ve all had to endure myths like “bread soaks up alcohol.” But according to the people that have tried the product, “the hype is real.” One student said that he had tried a bunch of hangover products in the past, but none of them really worked. That was until he tried Over EZ, which quickly proved beneficial. The fact that all the ingredients were herbal and natural was, he noted, a bonus.

You can buy Over EZ supplements through the company’s website.

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