the same German domestic floor

In the “German” floor? In the city composite deck and fences cheap sale , according to the Suggestions of the expert inside course of study to the high-end imported German floor and the same domestic floor price comparison easy clean patio flooring install , the results showed 180 yuan/square meters of floor is German imports of aggrandizement floor on the market at present the most bottom line.

And this kind of windham universal fencing white wood fencing panel the same German domestic floor price probably is in 100 yuan/square meters. So, the entrance floor is a bit expensive. The simple comparison, however, does not really reflect the real difference domestic and German floor by floor.

The reporter understands, the material requirements of Germany famous brand thickest white composite wood wall panel is very high, so the price is high. Finally is need to emphasize that the contrast is just based on intermediate products, high-end products for Germany, the current domestic haven’t can match with the product, so the price rationality impossible.

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