Multi-layer floor will become mainstream

Currently on the market of China’s multi-storey solid wood flooring is divided into three layers and two, two kinds of floor technology, performance and price difference quite large. According to the project manager Xu Guogen root floor, compared with the multi-storey solid wood, three-layer solid wood production process is more complex, thicker surface of solid wood, the current multi-layer solid wood skin is 0.6 mm, and three solid wood The surface is usually around 4 mm, and because it is three-layer adhesive, the amount of glue is only one-third of multi-layer solid wood flooring, relatively more health and environmental outdoor flooring

However, due to the complexity of the production process, as well as the surface layer of bark thicker, three-tier solid wood flooring production costs are high, so the price is very close to the solid wood flooring, and some even more than solid wood flooring. By the production costs and price constraints, the development of three-tier solid wood flooring and market acceptance to slow down in multi-layer solid wood flooring.cost estimator for decking

Multi-layer solid wood flooring will become the mainstream direction of the future development of the floor. As the surface is only 0.6 mm, multi-layer wear resistance of almost all rely on the surface of wood, although most manufacturers believe that the degree of wear with the same solid wood flooring, but the quality of clearance also need time to test.Best Price Composite Decking Material

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